Architectural Shaped Windows


What are shaped windows?

Shaped vinyl windows are custom manufactured by bending vinyl profiles into various geometric shapes after applying heat to make them pliable. After cooling, the profiles permanently retain the new shape and are assembled into a shaped window unit to fit your opening. Shaped architectural windows are available in many varieties including circle top windows or half circle windows, arched windows, triangular windows, trapezoidal windows, octagonal windows, eyebrow windows and cathedral windows.

What shapes are available at The Window Source?

Does your home have modern architectural window shape designs? At the Window Source we offer Topeka all kinds of shaped vinyl windows including arched, round, half-round and octagonal.Like all of our conventionally shaped window models your new shaped replacement window is custom made to fit your opening requirements exactly and is available with all of our energy saving upgrade options.Shaped window designs are found in many modern homes throughout America. Now, with The Window Source’s shaped vinyl windows in Topeka you can have modern design along with modern technology.Whether you’re looking for circular or triangular windows in the Topeka area, The Window Source can help you find all sorts of shaped vinyl windows. Contact us!