Peace of Mind Assurances:

Lifetime Warranty

At The Window Source, our entire inventory of products come with a limited lifetime warranty, so you can rest easy knowing your investment will last for years to come. If you want to learn more, our Topeka window and door replacement specialists can provide more details.

Best Price Guarantee

We stand behind our products and services with a best price guarantee. If you find a better price on equivalent products and services from a competitor, we will refund the difference in pricing back to you. To read the full details of our price guarantee, ask one of our knowledgeable representatives. We’re proud to offer our pricing guarantee for our window and door replacement to Topeka, Kansas City, Manhattan, and the surrounding areas.

Independently Certified NFRC Labels

With National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) labels on all of our products, you

can easily compare them to ensure you’re making the right purchase. At our Topeka window and door replacement company, we ensure you can use standardized NFRC labeling to make your buying decision rather than paying more with competitors with inflated sales promotions.

ENERGY STAR® Rated Products

When you pick our High-Performance Glass option, you’ll save energy while enjoying quality new windows for your home. Products with High-Performance Glass meet ENERGY STAR® requirements in every U.S. climate zone.

When you’re ready for new windows in your Topeka or Kansas City home, look no further than The Window Source. Contact us today.

What is the best way to compare windows?

There is only one reliable way to compare windows and that is by asking for the NFRC* rating for each window that you are considering. NFRC labels are independently certified and rate the whole window performance by U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC). The lower these ratings are the better the window will perform. The priority of U-Factor versus SHGC depends on your climate. You should ignore all the sales hype and choose the best NFRC ratings for your climate at the best cost.

What is an Energy Star window?

Energy Star is a window certification program administered by the Federal Government to help you select energy efficient windows optimized for your climate. A window must meet minimum performance criteria to qualify. These criteria are based on NFRC whole window performance ratings and are different for each of four climate zones as follows:

New Version 6.0 Criteria Effective as of January 1, 2016
Northern Zone (blue): U-Factor of .27 or less, SHGC any
North Central Zone (yellow): U-Factor of .30 or less, SHGC of .40 or less
South Central Zone (orange): U-Factor of .30 or less, SHGC of .25 or less
Southern Zone (red): U-Factor of .40 or less, SHGC of .25 or less

Does The Window Source have Energy Star windows and doors?

Yes, any window or patio door ordered with a LowE glass upgrade will qualify for the Energy Star guidelines for the climate zone where purchased. This guarantee always comes in writing on your contract specifications so you will be assured of ordering and receiving the best LowE glass that is optimized for your particular climate zone.

Are tax credits available for windows and doors?

“While there are a lot of positives for installing energy star rated windows, we recommend consulting your tax professional to see what tax incentives are available.”

How can The Window Source be so much more affordable than other companies?

The Window Source provides you with extremely affordable prices on premium vinyl windows because of our large national buying power. Also our low prices and easy purchasing process allows us to be extremely efficient and pass the savings along to you.

Is the installation as important as the window?

Yes, a window needs to be properly measured to fit the opening and allow adequate tolerance for plumbing and squaring the new window. If the new window is not properly plumbed and squared it will not seal and operate properly no matter how good the quality of the new window.

How does The Window Source assure me of a great job at an unbeatable price?

Every Window Source job comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty and Labor Warranty. Every window is delivered with an NFRC independently certified label and will qualify for Energy Star for your climate zone if ordered with the LowE glass upgrade. You will also receive a written best price guarantee at participating locations.