Low-E Glass

For even more energy efficiency you can upgrade any window or door with our LowE/Argon high performance insulated glass

What is LowE glass with Argon?

LowE Glass CutawayLowE glass is glass that has had an invisible metallic coating applied to the surface. This coating dramatically increases thermal performance by reflecting radiant heat. It is most effective when used in a sealed insulated glass unit that has been filled with inert Argon gas. Performance is even further improved when a warm edge non-conductive spacer is used to separate the two panes of glass. With the proper LowE coating the window will meet EPA Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency.

Does LowE glass lower both heating and cooling cost?

heat-reflection-diagramYes, the LowE coating works to save you money and keep you comfortable in both heating and cooling seasons. In the winter radiant heat produced by your heating system is reflected back into your home. In the summer radiant heat from the sun is reflected so that the load on your cooling system is greatly reduced. Unlike dark tinted glass, LowE glass allows almost all visible light to pass through.

How do I select the right LowE coating for my climate?

glassgraph-gl3The US government Energy Star program has taken the guesswork out of selecting the correct LowE coating for your climate. The program has set minimum performance criteria for each of four climate zones.

If you select a window that is Energy Star compliant for your climate zone you are assured of having a LowE coating that has been optimized for your climate.

Be sure to ask for Energy Star when you are selecting your replacement windows. At the Window Source you are assured in writing that your windows will always be Energy Star compliant for your climate zone when you select the LowE glass upgrade for any of our windows and doors. Selecting LowE glass is a smart investment that will pay for itself quickly, keep your home more comfortable and reduce fading of fabrics inside your home.