Thank you for choosing The Window Source for your new window replacement project. Below is a list of what to expect during the ordering, scheduling and installation process of your new custom made replacement windows.

1.) How long will it take? It takes approximately 4 to 8 weeks for your custom made windows to be ordered, manufactured and shipped to the local warehouse. Specialty items like shaped windows, tempered glass and bows or bays may take longer. Upon arrival of your windows a local associate will contact you to schedule your installation. Our policy is to complete your installation before mov-ing on to the next job. We will make every effort to schedule your installation as soon as possible but please be aware that weather or other conditions beyond our control could affect the timing of your installation.

2.) What do you need to do prior to the installation:

a.) You will need to remove all curtains, shades, blinds, window air conditioning units etc. from existing windows that will be replaced.

b.) We also ask that you remove any mirrors, pictures etc. on nearby walls or tables.

c.) Move all furniture away from each window leaving approximately three feet off space around each window.

d.) Secure any pets and children for their safety and for the safety of our installers.

3.) Alarm Systems: If you have any alarm system sensors on any of the windows or doors that are to be replaced it is your responsibility to inform your alarm company of the upcoming installation. Once the installation has been completed it is your responsibility to arrange for reconnecting of the alarm sensors.

4.) Inside Installation: If the windows are to be installed from the inside, the interior stop moldings will be removed and reused after the new windows are installed unless new interior stops were specifically ordered as per you contract specifications. Please note that the paint or other finishing may get chipped and may need to be touched up or repainted. Although we will take all precautions to remove the old stops without breaking in some cases they might break which will require a change order for new stops.

5.) Outside Installation: If the custom maintenance free exterior capping option has been ordered the installation will normally be done from the exterior. This will leave the interior stops undisturbed.

6.) Unforeseen Circumstances: If during the installation process a condition is found that would prohibit installing a window properly (i.e. termite, rot or other hidden damages), the installer will promptly notify the you as well as the local Window Source office of the condition. Any additional work that is required to properly complete the job will be discussed with you and billed on an agreed upon time and material basis.

7.) Upon Completion of Installation: Upon completion of the installation you will be asked to inspect the entire project with our installer. Please make sure that any corrections have been made before our installer leaves the job site. When the job is complete you will be asked to pay the remaining balance due on your contract.

8.) Method of Payment: Our installer will accept your completion payment in the form of a check, money order or VISA/Master Card authorization. To insure the safety of our installer please do not pay your final payment in cash.

9.) Referrals: Our goal is to provide you with a great installation with energy efficient products and that you will refer us to your fam-ily, friends and neighbors. You will receive a $50 referral reward for each homeowner you refer who make a purchase. Please ask your referral to mention your name when contacting our office.

Thank you for your business.